How Do I Stop My Waist Trainer From Rolling Up?

If you have ever struggled with your weight loss waist trainer journey, were curious about enhancing your exercises, or was hoping for an instant fix to fit into your outfit better, then you most likely have come across waist trainers.

For first timers, there are a few things to consider before kicking off your own waist training journey. For a start, we recommend checking out these helpful tips before purchasing one:

Once you have successfully chosen your desired undergarment, even if you seem to have followed all suggestions, there is a chance you may still find difficulty in keeping it on a snug fit. Those who are accustomed to training their waist eventually develop their own strategy to keep it comfortably in place while some beginners are expected to still struggle with it rolling up, sliding around, folding down, or cinching too tight every once in a while. To prevent this, here are some tips and guidelines:

1) Double check that your waist trainer is the right fit for your body

If you have read the articles above, you would notice that this part was already covered but it is one of the most crucial steps in waist training so it deserves to be highlighted.

If you find that your trainer slides around (even just a little), then it is too big despite fitting correctly when you first tried it on. If you find that you have difficulty breathing, are highly uncomfortable, or in pain, then your trainer is much too small. Trainers that are too tight are very susceptible to rolling up or folding down your abdomen.

2) Consider the length of your waist trainer

There are various styles that are utilized today in order to cater to the many differing needs. With regards to the length of your torso, purchasing a trainer that is too long for your body will make the trainer more likely to roll up or slide around your waist. Opt for one that sits right below your bust area and covers your torso all the way down to your waist. By choosing a high waisted style such as this, you minimize risk of the fabric folding over your belly or causing any unwanted bulges - keeping your abdomen smooth and sleek all the way.

3) Invest in more than one to keep in rotation and maintain quality

If you are aiming for a constant and effective routine, we recommend investing in at least two trainers that you can keep in rotation for two main reasons. One, it is more hygienic because you will the have ample time to wash your trainer properly in between uses. Secondly, alternating more than one piece also helps you keep them in their optimal shape by preventing over usage. Using the same waist trainer every day for work, gym, and formal gatherings will not only trigger skin irritation, but also it may make your trainer wear out much faster, making the material more likely to wither and bunch up.

4) Consider getting one with inner steel bones

The classic waist trainer is fashioned after the traditional corset and is embedded with inner steel bones. These offer extra compression and support for your abdomen as you train, making it a little more restrictive than the other options. Because of this, it provides you with a better fit and less risk of sliding around your body. The inner steel bones also serve as reinforcements to keep the fabric from rolling up.

5) Women can utilize their bra as reinforcements

To keep your trainer from folding over or moving about, you may try tucking the top lining under the wire of your bra. Similarly, you may also use safety pins on each side of the trainer and firmly attach it to your bra.

6) Someone once said that tape fixes everything

You can also try taping your waist shaper down with a piece of durable, double-sided tape. Once the waist trainer is comfortably on you, place the strips of tape inside on both the top and bottom of the undergarment. Press down firmly and make sure you cover all areas that need extra reinforcement.

3 waist trainers we recommend

1) Classic Waist Trainer

As previously mentioned, the classic waist trainer is based on the traditional design of the olden day corset. This means that its inner lining features multiple flexible steel bones that are there to secure the trainer in place, provide extra compression, and supplement additional support. All these factors make it most suitable for more experienced individuals or those with an ambitious goal to get an hourglass figure at a much faster pace. If your main concern is keeping your undergarment from rolling, folding, or sliding around, this is the best trainer for the job.

2) Latex Waist Trainer

The Latex Waist Trainer is also known as the everyday waist trainer. It is considered a practical choice because you can wear it to almost any activity, making it highly versatile and convenient. It is made of high quality latex material that offers just the right balance of flexibility and compression, all while keeping you cool and comfortable. It is perfect for beginners easing into a waist training routine and is practical for those who do not want to invest in many pieces while they are still starting out.

3) Gym Waist Trainer

The gym waist trainer is designed with extra heat retention faculties to increase your temperature and help you sweat much more when working out. Its durability is an important benefit for fitness enthusiasts due to the support it carries to both the core and back when lifting weights or performing rigorous activities. If you main concern is finding a supplement to enhance your workout routine and speed your fitness journey along, this is the best trainer for you.


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Designed for comfort, waist trainers can be worn anywhere at any time! Driving in the car, studying at uni, working out in the gym or chilling at home. A waist trainer can be utilised to help improve posture, strengthen back muscles and burn calories in targeted areas.

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