Can You Wear A Waist Trainer If Prone To Acid Reflux?

Many of the questions frequently asked by waist training beginners usually revolve around stomach issues, and understandably so. Since the abdomen will be constricted for a period of time on the regular, there is bound to be a few adjustments and possible concerns along the way. Below, we discuss the possible side effects of donning a waist trainer and if it is advisable for those living with acid reflux.

Can You Wear A Waist Trainer If Prone To Acid Reflux?

Does Waist Training Cause Acid Reflux?

First off, if you are not yet prone to acid reflux, we assure you that wearing a waist trainer does not automatically make you susceptible to it.

However, since the process of a waist training routine will physically constrict your stomach, it is still very much a possibility. Especially if you purchase a size too small or affix the compression band too tight, the pressure building up around your digestive tract will worsen. Because of such a narrow passage way and a smaller storage space, this may cause acid to eventually build up.

Can You Wear A Waist Trainer If Already Prone To Acid Reflux?

In cases wherein you are most likely to experience acid reflux, and not just take it as a possible side effect to tight or small compression bands, then you may have more factors to consider.

However, it is still perfectly fine to practice a waist training routine with your condition. In order to prevent any discomfort and pain from happening while wearing the compression band, we highly advise you to keep it on a snug (but not tight) setting.

This ensures that your waistline still gets the compression in needs and can take advantage of the heat retention properties that undergarments possess, all while keeping acid reflux symptoms at bay.

What To Do If You Experience Acid Reflux While Waist Training

In cases wherein you find yourself experiencing acid reflux, simply loosen your garment just enough to reduce the symptoms. If it persists or the discomfort is too inconvenient, you make take it off and continue your routine once ready.

You can avoid being in this position by getting the right fit. You can learn more about purchasing the perfect size through our article: What If My Waist Trainer Is Too Tight?

We also recommend not fastening the undergarment too tight, most especially if you have just eaten. We have also prepared a handy guide on eating while training through our article: Can You Eat With A Waist Trainer On?

Top Compression Bands We Recommend When Prone To Acid Reflux

When getting into the routine, you want to ensure you are comfortable enough to keep at it and consistently practice everyday – otherwise, that hourglass figure may take a little longer to achieve than you would hope.

In order to do so, get the right undergarment for your needs! Below are our top 2 suggestions for those prone to acid reflux, and a bonus recommendation.

The Every Trainer is highly elastic, the most versatile, very adjustable, and is smooth on the skin. It is built for everyday use and can be worn to work, errands, gym, or even at home. Its material is durable latex.

This Gym Compression Band is just as elastic, very versatile, and also highly adjustable. The main difference between the two options is that the Gym Compression Band is made of neoprene fabric, which is built to retain heat and makes it perfect for workout sessions. Because of this feature, the undergarment allows you to sweat much more when exercising and flush out a lot of excess water weight.

Bonus recommendation:

This is not our first option for those prone to acid reflux, but if your symptoms are controlled, you may venture out to a Classic Corset. It is made with multiple steel bones embedded within the bodice, which makes it more constricting.



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