About Us

At Hourglass Waist, we are focused on providing you products and services, which will help our customers to discover themselves more. By using our waist trainers, it is possible. It can be experienced by all kinds of people as it does not discriminate anyone and will significantly make you feel more confident with yourself


Our Mission


Hourglass Waist is doing its best to provide an accessible improvement of waist structure and self pain management to people. By giving out the right information and tools, it provides help to people in achieving optimum health and that thinner waist. 


Our Vision

We aim to make the world better for us to live. It will help us in finding the primary reason why we exist in this world thus knowing our self-worth. We believe that with the help of a waist trainer we can surpass all our limitations both in physical and mental aspects.


Our Team


We are a group of passionate individuals that has bountiful knowledge regarding alternative health solutions for waist reduction! The founder Amber, with the help of her team, will lead you to improve your overall figure and health.