Can You Run With a Waist Trainer?

When running can you wear your waist trainer?

The short answer is yes! Walking, jogging, running - all these cardio exercises can be done while your wearing a waist trainer.

Using a gym waist trainer is especially effective in increasing the intensity of any cardio workout. The high body core heat helps to burn more fat around the hip and belly section.

Running, is a fantastic way to workout, helping with your endurance and cardio health! Using a waist trainer when running helps to increase the core heat, making you sweat and burn fat at a faster rate.

It's important to remember that when you run with a waist trainer you will sweat excessively. This means you will be losing a lot of your bodies water, it's vital that you drink water and keep your body hydrated.

When exercising with a waist trainer you will feel hotter. This is a sign that the workout is intensifying but beware, as your body warms up you need to make sure you don't overheat! If you exercising outdoors in the Australian summer ensure to follow these rules. Exercise in the morning or afternoons to avoid the hottest part of the day, ensure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated also.

Always listen and trust your body! If you don't feel right, short of breath, feel faint or stomach hurts then stop exercising, walk and let your heart rate slow down. Remove your waist trainer and sip on water. As mentioned always listen to your body and ensure you stay hydrated and cool to get the most out of your waist training.

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Workouts Can You Do with a Waist Trainer?

Besides running and jogging there are many other exercises you can do while wearing your waist trainer. If you are not big on a high-intensity exercise you can still go for a walk with your corset to help burn fat around the tummy and hip area.

Alternative exercises include indoor or outdoor biking, other cardio equipment such as stair steppers and tummy crunchers are also great to pair with your waist trainer. Spin classes are a personal favourite of ours when it comes to fun and fitness.

Cross Fit is a high-intensity circuit exercise that includes a short burst of energy combined with minimal rest. This 20 - 30 minutes interval training combined with a core trainer is a great way to get that sweat equity.

We recommend combining strength training two-three times a week with high cardio exercises two days a week. Moves that activate your core, burn fat and get your body moving are best, these include lunges, crunches and squats.


What Exercises Should You Avoid while Waist Training?

As discussed above there are loads of exercise that go hand in hand with waist training. There are some however that are not ideal. These exercises are normally yoga, dancing, Pilates and gymnastics, they consist of a lot of movement and twisting. With a waist trainer its probably best to take it off while participating in these exercises.

If you play any sports such as basketball, netball, cricket or AFL then we don't recommend wearing a waist trainer while competing. They can restrict your lateral movement and are not designed for strong physical contact.

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