People Who Should Use A Waist Trainer

Just like with any weight loss method, a waist trainer fitness routine is not a one size fits all process and is not recommended for just anyone. Many factors contribute to whether or not a waist trainer is safe or suitable for your condition. These include, but are not limited to: your age, medical history, if you are currently pregnant or have just given birth, and your overall lifestyle choices.

Given that this kind of regimen has its challenges and safety precautions, the most suitable types of people to use a waist trainer are those who fall under the following categories:

People Who Should Use A Waist Trainer

1) Individuals who are at least 18 years old

While our body is still maturing, our skeleton would primarily be made up of cartilage that has yet to form into bone. The reason we start off with this elastic, connective tissue is to enable sufficient growth and development of our entire system, and the process will continue on for the first 21 years. By this time, our bones are as stretched out and strong as they need to be for us to carry on adulthood.

With this information, we highly recommend starting a routine when you are at least 25 years old. This way, the compression from the undergarment will not affect your natural maturation in any way. The Latex Waist Trainer is a great one to start off with as it provides ample flexibility, is versatile to fit any activity (you can wear it to the gym), and can serve as an everyday trainer!

2) Individuals who want to lose weight

A waist trainer is a very powerful supplement to your weight loss journey. With good nutrition and regular exercise combined with a training routine, you can expect to trim off stomach fat, back fat, love handles, and flush out excess water weight much faster.

We recommend using a Gym Waist Trainer whenever you plan to do rigorous activities – whether that means lifting weights at the gym, going for a quick run around the block, easy home workouts, or even your daily household chores. Since it is made of neoprene material, it has thermal benefits that help your abdominal area perspire much more than you normally would, getting rid of all that water weight!

3) Fitness buffs and individuals who lift weights

As mentioned, a waist trainer can be your best friend at the gym. However, it is not only helpful in shedding off pounds, but for when you want to bulk up as well! These compression bands provide great support for your core and back, giving you that extra coverage whenever you are by the kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells. It is also makes your core strengthening exercises twice as effective as it is designed to target your abdominal region.

4) Mothers a couple of months after childbirth

After giving birth, the mother’s body needs enough time to heal and naturally adapt to its new state. The uterus, along with other organs, will start to slowly contract and position themselves as close as they can to to their original space. It is most recommended to give the body at least six weeks to do so as to not disrupt the process. After the initial wait, the body will continue to readjust for the months to come and by this time, could use a little help. New mothers may utilize waist trainers to reduce swelling, bring their organs back into position, and speed along healing of the wound around the abdominal wall.

It is most important to check in with your physician before starting a waist training routine postpartum. There are other factors to consider that may be specific to your condition and using a trainer may end up putting you at risk of uterine prolapse or can be counter productive to your healing.

5) Healthy and active individuals past the age of 60

A lot of the time, we would highly discourage the senior citizens in our community from doing any strenuous activity that may be considered harmful to their bodies and overall health. This is not always the case with waist training. If you are over the age of 60 but still enjoy an active lifestyle full of muscle moving, bone strengthening exercises, keep a colorful, balanced diet, and are physically fit enough as per your physician’s recommendation, waist training is absolutely safe and may be even enjoyable for you!

We know of a handful of senior citizens who have trained their waist since they were younger and have kept at it until their golden years – still flaunting that hourglass figure.

6) Pageant contestants and professional models

We often see a string of posts online from celebrities who swear by the waist training method, and other influencers who shoot full video blogs detailing the do’s, don’ts, strategies, and types of bands that worked best for them. With a career built mainly under the spotlight, individuals who are aspiring to be professional models, famous personalities, or pageant contestants can definitely benefit from utilizing a trainer to further advance their career and keep a healthy, toned figure despite having a busy schedule.

With the wide range of outfits to slip into, the Classic Waist Trainer with flexible steel bones embedded inside can be of great advantage as it provides extra compression compared to regular trainers. This in turn smoothens out your torso and helps you fit into an ensemble one to three inches smaller than your regular size – all while enjoying an attractive hourglass form.

Most importantly, waist train with safety in mind

If you happen to fall under any of the categories listed above, we recommend you read up on the proper way to waist train before starting out. You can find some helpful tips from any of the articles below:

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