How To Accentuate Your Features With A Waist Trainer

It is a widely known fact that a waist trainer makes you look good – both instantly and for the long run, depending on your core training routine. While no weight loss strategy can offer a one size fits all formula, there are ways to make it work in your favor. In the case of waist training, there are four ways you can accentuate your own features with the help of a compression band.

How To Accentuate Your Features With A Waist Trainer

Tip 1: Know Your Body Type

There are a number of body types out there, each of them carrying their own beautiful attributes and qualities.  To be able to maximize your features (both natural and developed), you must first understand what you are dealing with. Below are the different body types and a short description to help you narrow it down!

Hourglass body type. Yes, this is the famous figure that most women who venture into waist training are vying after. While a lot of us have to work for it, some are naturally born with it.

You have this body type when both your bust and hips are of similar width, your waist is slim, and your shoulders are upright. This body type enhances all the natural curves.

Apple body type. You have this body type when you have a fuller bust, broad shoulders, thick booty and narrow hips. Your waistline also carries more weight.

Inverted triangle body type. You have this body type when you have a fuller bust and wide shoulders, but your waist and hips are narrower.

Pear body type. This is the opposite of the inverted triangle wherein both your waistline and hips are fuller, but your shoulders and bust are narrow.

Rectangle body type. You have this body type when you do not have much natural curves or definition. This results in your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips all being of similar width.

These descriptions are not hard or fast rules to your body type. These simply serve as a guideline to see which figure you resemble most like in order to know which features you can accentuate, which you can minimize, and how to do just that.

Tip 2: Start Waist Training

Waist trainers and other forms of shapewear are excellent ways to instantly resemble an hourglass figure. No matter what your body type is, having one of these on can definitely help carve out some curves and amplify your look. Here are the many ways it can do so:

Hourglass body type. Shapewear can greatly smoothen out your natural curves, provide extra lift, and make you look even slimmer.

Apple body type. A waist trainer can help define your midsection, help lessen any roundness in your figure, and highlight your curves.

Inverted triangle body type. For those who are more top heavy, trainers can smoothen out your waist and add volume to both your hips and bottom.

Pear body type. Your natural curves below are great! What waist trainer can do is further smoothen them out, accentuate your waist, and also amplify your curves at the top.

Rectangle body type. Compression bands can help you cinch your waist, lift your bust, and add volume to your hips. By doing so, you can sculpt out any curves that are not naturally present with your current body shape.

Our Top 5 Recommended Waist Trainers:

  1. Classic Cincher
  2. Latex Waist Trainer
  3. Zip Strap Waist Trainer
  4. Gym Compression Band
  5. Strap Gym Compression Band

Tip 3: Dress For Your Shape

Now that you know your body type and how to highlight your natural curves through waist training, it is best you pair these with outfits that bring attention to all the right places. By dressing for your shape, you can emphasize your own hourglass figure and let your silhouette work for you.

Hourglass body type. Form fitting outfits, waist-cinching dresses, low-cut tops, and skinny jeans are just some of the pieces that help you show off your natural curves.

Apple body type. The best type of clothing for your shape diverts attention away from your midsection. Wrapped tops, textured material, open necklines, leggings or skinny jeans, and also statement belts are great for drawing attention on two of your best assets: bust and legs. Tight fitting bottoms can also make you look taller and sleeker.

Inverted triangle body type. The most recommended for those with an inverted triangle shape are garments that highlight your waist, legs, and rear. Keep your tops simple while pairing them with great fitting bottoms is the way to go. Do not be afraid to experiment by trying out different styles of shorts, skirts, and pants!

Pear body type. To restore balance within your natural form, go for textured tops, low necklines, or even statement accessories such as necklaces and scarves. For bottoms, you are better off with flowy and breezy styles rather than body hugging ones.

Rectangle body type. Choose pieces that help you create curves and flattering shapes. You can be experimental here – try wearing accented tops, curved necklines, wide leg pants, or even body hugging outfits.

Tip 4: Enhance Your Figure

While instant results are great, regularly working out and eating healthy can help further enhance your natural figure. This way, you will not need to go through too many steps every time to achieve your desired body.

If you are serious about looking good and feeling better long-term, the key is to focus on strength training, as this is the best way to boost your metabolism and lose weight faster.

Work on building muscle mass in areas that need more definition in order to carve out your natural curves. Here are some suggestions:

For a fuller butt and toned legs. Focus more on squats, lunges, dead lifts, and step-ups. For better results, use weights while exercising.

For a slimmer waist and flatter stomach. Focus on sit-ups, planks, crunches, bridges, or try out yoga and Pilates.

For toned arms. Focus on push-ups, weighted curls, rows, chest presses and raises.



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