Do Waist Trainers Make Your Bum Bigger?

Do Waist Trainers Make Your Bum Bigger?

For most women, the goal in training their waist is to trim inches off their abdominal region and show off that hourglass figure. By simply putting a waist trainer on, you can even look slimmer by 1 – 3 inches instantly! Eventually, with consistent training paired with proper nutrition, healthy hydration, and regular exercise, women can get closer and closer to achieving an hourglass form even without the waist trainer on anymore.

However, this is not the only motivation behind the popular weight loss tool. Other women have turned to trainers as a way to improve the appearances and texture of both their bust and bums. While cosmetic surgery provides the best opportunity for a permanently accentuated bust and buttocks area, not everyone can afford it or are willing to go under the knife.

Compression garments such as shapewear and corsets have risen in popularity as easy, accessible, affordable, and safe alternatives to an invasive procedure. But do they really work?

Do Waist Trainers Make Your Bum Bigger?

Common benefits of waist trainers

There are multiple known benefits of a waist trainer that goes far beyond helping you work towards a curvaceous figure. If slimming you down is not all you are after, expect to enjoy these advantages with your routine as well:

Better eating habits. Because your abdomen will be cinched up, your stomach will then be constricted to a smaller size. This will allow you to only take in small portions of food throughout the day. Instead of the usual three main meals, those who train their waists find it more comfortable to space it out between five to six smaller meals instead. Not only does this process aid in weight loss, it also helps you keep track of your intake and boost your metabolism.

Healthier, hydrated skin. Given that you listen to your body and regularly replenish it with H2O, your skin will be looking as smooth and soft as your waistline while you are in training. The compression around your waist enables you to sweat and flush out water weight more than usual, thus forcing you to drink more water.

Sweating with a trainer on is especially noticeable when wearing a Gym Waist Trainer made of thermal neoprene fabric. This type really gets your workout to a different level and makes every fat burning movement twice as effective.

Back support and better posture. All types of waist trainers are designed to keep you upright and restrict you from slouching. Especially if you opt for an Everyday Waist Trainer to wear daily, and not just for special occasions, you will see a big improvement in the way you stand and sit upright. Trainers also offer great back and core support, keeping your spine and other organs functioning at their best state.

Amazing physique and more confidence. All waist trainers offer an extra slender appearance to its wearer, but the Classic Waist Trainer with an inner steel bone cage definitely wins this round. Considered as the more advanced of its counterparts, this type of trainer offers extra compression and extra support. This is usually the kind women go for when planning their look for a special night out. The cage keeps the fabric from rolling up regardless of movement and also gives the bust area an extra lift.

Supports abdominal healing after childbirth. Waist trainers are also beneficial to new mothers. After giving the body ample time to recuperate and heal, trainers and other types of compression bands help new mothers recover faster, keep their abdominal wall in place, support wound healing, and get their pre-pregnancy figure back. Before starting a waist training routine postpartum, it is most recommended to consult and get approval from your physician first.

What effects does waist training have on the bum?

Though the benefits listed above are the more common types of experiences, women may also notice a change in their bum areas as well. Because waist trainers compress the midsection, it physically redistributes some skin and excess body fat to neighboring parts – both upper and lower. This is how the curvy, hourglass figure is achieved.

Women with more excess fats to move around will have a more impactful adjustment on their bust as these are lifted up, and on their hips as these will be curved out. Once the bust seems fuller, the stomach flatter, the waist is cinched a few inches smaller, and the hips are accentuated, the bum will naturally seem more prominent as well. It is basically a domino effect towards the dream figure.

Just like all benefits the waist trainer provides, this is not permanent unless there is consistency and proper maintenance throughout the progression of your routine.

How to supplement a waist training routine?

Relying on a waist trainer alone will not get you the results you are after, it should be used as a tool to hasten the process and complement other areas of your routine. So, what else should you be doing?

Eat the right kind of food. Earlier, we mentioned how you can adjust your eating schedule to better suit your routine. However, it is not only when you eat that is important but what is on your plate as well.

In order to feel full for a longer period of time, mix in a lot of fiber and protein into your diet. This will keep your energy levels high with much less intake.

Also keep fatty, sugary, and acidic food to a minimum. With a constricted midsection, your stomach acid is situated much higher and closer to your esophagus. These types of food can trigger it to build up and cause heartburn.

Core-strengthening exercises. With a workout routine that focuses on your abdomen, your waist trainer’s thermal benefits will work twice as much, and help burn fat at a much faster rate. We recommend wearing either a gym waist trainer or an everyday waist trainer when doing rigorous activities, because those with an inner cage can limit certain movements wherein you need your flexibility.


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Waist trainers do not make your bum bigger. While they can temporarily alter your body shape by compressing your midsection, they do not specifically target or grow your glute muscles. The only way to build a bigger bum is through targeted bum exercises, a healthy and balanced diet, and overall fitness routine.

It is important to note that wearing a waist trainer can be dangerous and potentially harmful to your internal organs, particularly if worn for long periods of time or during rigorous physical activity. Instead, focus on building core and abdominal muscles through exercises like hip thrusts, glute bridges, and squats, all while maintaining proper posture and form.

A certified personal trainer can guide you in developing a safe and effective workout routine that features the best bum exercises for your body type and goals. Donkey kicks, walking lunges, split squats, and single leg deadlifts are all effective bum workouts that can help you achieve a bigger bum, but should be paired with a healthy diet and regular cardio exercises for optimal results.

In addition to bum exercises, focus on building a strong core and back muscles to support proper posture and alignment, which can also enhance the appearance of a smaller waist and hourglass shape. Stiff-legged deadlifts, leg raises, and hip thrusts are effective in working both the gluteus maximus and medius muscles.

While a low calorie diet may be helpful for losing weight, it is not necessary for building a bigger bum. Instead, focus on consuming a balanced diet that includes healthy fats, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates to fuel your workouts and support muscle growth. Drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest are also important for recovery and overall health.

When performing bum workouts, it is important to maintain proper form and technique. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent when starting in the squat position. Keep your upper body upright and your feet flat on the ground with your knees soft. Keep your core engaged and slowly lower your body into a deep squat. Switching legs and incorporating hip thrusts can also target particular muscles and enhance muscle growth.

Overall, building a bigger bum takes time, dedication, and patience. While waist trainers may seem like a quick fix, they are not a sustainable or safe way to achieve lasting results. By incorporating targeted bum exercises into your workout routine, maintaining a balanced diet, and prioritizing proper form and technique, you can achieve a bigger, stronger, and healthier bum, along with a lasting hourglass body shape.

 In addition to providing a slimmer waistline, waist trainers can also help strengthen core muscles. The pressure from the waist trainer can help engage the abdominal muscles during workouts and everyday activities, promoting better posture and a stronger core.

However, it's important to note that waist trainers should never be used as a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise routine. Very low calorie diets and relying solely on waist trainers to achieve a smaller waist or bigger butt is not only ineffective but can also be dangerous.

When incorporating waist trainers into a workout routine, it's important to start with the proper starting position. Feet should be hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, and hips pushed back. This position engages the lower body and promotes proper form during exercises such as hip thrusts, single-leg deadlifts, and split squats.

During workouts, it's important to maintain proper form and posture while wearing a waist trainer. The feet should be flat on the ground, and the back should be straight. When performing hip thrusts, slowly lower the hips back down to the starting position to fully engage the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus muscles.



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