Waist Trainer Where Does The Fat Go?

Ever wondered where all those belly fats go once you wear a latex waist trainer? Surely they don't just disappear or vanish into thin air. Waist trainers are specially designed to redistribute all the excess fats from the midsection to other areas. Wearing waist trainers give you that attractive, hourglass figure. The idea behind waist trainers is to give the wearer a slimmer waist by pushing abdominal fats to other body areas.

Waist Training Fat


The trick behind waist trainers

The popularity of waist trainers or corsets continues to rise as more women seek easy alternatives to achieve a slimmer and more desirable shape. Once you wear a waist trainer, you have succeeded in squeezing all the fats in the belly and waist area to fit into the corset's tight fabric.

A lot of people often ask where the fats they shed go to. Waist trainers help push in the upper and lower abdomen muscles to give an appearance of a flat stomach. The abdominal cavity contains organs and fats that are malleable. So once you wear a waist trainer, it typically helps to redistribute the excess fats into other areas.

 Like high waist jeans that help hide excess belly fats, waist trainers do the same without pushing all the fats upward. With waist trainers, you can control where the excess fats in your belly go by selecting the right styles and features. Let's look at some shapes of waist trainers and how they redistribute belly fats.


Shapes of waist trainers and how they affect belly fats

While you can decide where the fats go by selecting the right style of corsets, your body shape is also an important factor you must consider. Depending on where you want the fats redistributed to, you can either go for an underbust, overbust or long line corset.


Underbust waist trainers

Underbust corsets are specifically designed to accentuate small breasts by pushing the fats upward to make the breasts appear fuller.


Overbust weight waist trainers

Overbust weight corsets are much longer than underbust corsets as they help give padding to the bust down to the waist. Women with large breasts can benefit from the overbust waist trainers as it helps compress their busts and stomach giving them a slimmer shape.


Longline or Waspie Corset

This corset style accentuates the hips by pushing the fat down to add more volume to your hips and buttocks.


Finding your right corset size

You should endeavour to find your right waist trainer size if you must get the best from your corsets. Merely having a feel of the fabric or assuming a waist trainer would fit by just looking at it would never give you the correct measurement. Waist trainers are meant to hug tight to your body, so you must buy the accurate waist trainers' size by having someone take your body measurement. You might choose to go for a much tighter body corset by buying a size that is about 2-3 inches less than your actual body size. Ensure you measure your underbust, torso, natural waist, and upper hip to get your correct body measurement for a waist trainer that truly fits you.