Is a Waist Trainer Same As a Body Shaper?

Key Takeaways:

  • Body shapers and women waist trainers are both shapewear or compression garments.
  • If you need a compression garment to fit into body hugging clothes, a body shaper is the better choice.
  • If you are looking for a compression garment that aids in workouts and long-term weight loss, a waist trainer is the better choice.
  • Waist trainers target only the waistline.
  • Body shapers can target the waistline, thighs, butt, and bust.

When searching for the best compression garment, you may have come across the terms “body shaper” and “waist trainer”. Understandably, it could get a little confusing telling the two apart. They are both very similar products, but have distinct differences that can help you tell the two apart.

 What exactly is a waist trainer for?

Waist trainers offer both long term and instant benefits. Once you put one on, you can expect to cut one to three inches off your waistline in an instant. While the results happen right away, they are temporary and you will have your natural waistline back once you take it off. This benefit is great for those who need to fit into tight clothing.

On the flipside, if you are on a fitness journey and are looking for a garment to support you, this is fantastic for long-term results. A waist trainer not only compresses your waistline but it gradually “trains” it to mold to the shape as well.

Moreover, waist trainers are made of material that helps stimulate perspiration. This allows you to flush out more water weight when wearing it during physical activity. Lastly, it is great for improving your posture, which in turn helps with circulation and digestion.

What exactly is a body shaper for?

Body shapers offer a similar instant benefit to trainers, except that shapers do not only compress the waistline – they target a lot more areas!

This compression garment focuses on your thighs, butt, waist, stomach, and up to your bust. Not only does it help conceal those love handles, but it keeps back fat at bay, too.

While this may sound like the better choice compared to trainers, keep in mind that shapers only offer the instant benefits – none of the long-term effects.

Shapers are not designed to train your body to be sculpted in a certain way. Nor does it specifically stimulate perspiration to help with water weight and workouts. Shapers simply shape. They are great for slipping into tight clothes and looking extra amazing, but they do not make for great exercise wear.

If you decide to invest in a body shaper and still want to use it for physical activity, we recommend sticking to less rigorous routines. These can include yoga, Pilates, brisk walking, and the like.

Top 3 recommended waist trainers

While instant results are always great, having the option to utilize the garment for long-term benefits can really help you maximize your investment.

Classic corset – Great for special events

Gym compression band – Great for workouts

Latex cincher – Great for daily use



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