How to Prevent Shapewear Lines

Key Takeaways:

  • Shapewear & waist trainer lines are a common issue
  • Purchase the right size
  • Opt for high-quality shapewear with strong compression
  • Wear thick garments with tights overtop
  • Floral pattern outfits can help conceal shapewear lines


Every woman has been there. You got your makeup and hair done. Got a fantastic outfit picked out and you just need to put your shapewear on first.

You glance in the mirror and you notice the shapewear lines are showing through your outfit!

This is a common issue that most women face. However, there are solutions to prevent shapewear lines. In this article, we will be going over this but first, let's look over how shapewear lines happen.

How to Prevent Shapewear Lines

Getting The Right Silhouette

Women who wear shapewear know how great it is for smoothing out the body. You can grab and go almost any outfit when you are rocking some great shapewear.

This issue is when shapewear doesn't smooth out those problem areas. Instead making them stand out more than ever. Displacing and rearranging your natural proportions and physique.

Ideal you need to ensure you purchase the right shapewear for your body size. If you combine the right shapewear with waist training you will see even more amazing results. Long-term getting shapewear that fits correctly can stop shapewear lines from appearing.

Get The Compression Right

Compression is the key factor that makes shapewear effective. The higher the compression the better your body will take shape. Moulding into a desirable look. The opposite applies to shapewear with weak compression. Displacing the body and creating shapewear lines.

High compression can also produce shapewear lines if the size is too small. However, the less compression the tighter the body shape becomes. Ideally, you want the right size shapewear with high compression.

There are some ways you can maximize compression while also decreasing lines. Here's everything you need to know.

How To Prevent Shapewear Lines - Tips

Getting rid of shapewear lines is easy when you follow these tips.

Purchase High-Quality Shapewear

Preventing shapewear lines can be achieved by purchasing high-quality shapewear. The top waist trainers and shapewear in the Australian market are made from the best material. They do a much better job at enhancing your natural curve in the right way.

There are many suppliers of shapewear but not all are the same. Third-party sites like amazon sell garments at a much lower price. These should be avoided, as the quality is extremely poor. Often reflected in the low price. As a rule of thumb ignore shapewear priced under $39.99. These are usually low compression garments that leave major lines.

Wear Thick Material With Your Outfit

No matter your outfit - skirt, jeans, dress! You should pair it with thick shapewear garments.

The thicker the material the easier it is to conceal shapewear lines. Going with thicker options may be a little warmer during the summer months. Still, it is the best option for hiding shapewear lines and keeping your shape-looking snatch.

Go For The Print Look

Another simple tip to avoid shapewear lines is to wear print over a solid colour.

Most patterns will help camouflage your shapewear and any lines that may appear. A flower is a great example of a pattern that looks great. Highlighting your curves without showing any shapewear lines.

We know you cant always opt for a printed pattern for an outfit. But it's good to know you have an Allie in the war against shapewear lines.

Wear Pantyhoes Or Tights

During colder months you can opt to wear tights over your shapewear. This is a great tip as it thins out your shapewear lines to an even greater degree. Just make sure you don't wear them over top of your garments. This could enhance the lines and look a little silly.

Try Before You Buy!

A lot of people make the big mistake of not trying on their shapewear. They will wear it for the first time on the night of an event or party. This is a big mistake and can leave you in a panicked state.

Trying on your shapewear and ensuring it feels comfortable is a must. Walk around the house a few days before the event, and do so for at least two hours. Your garments will adapt to your body and begin to feel more comfortable as time passes.

Once you have done this check how they look under your desired outfit. Knowing you will look great can take a lot of stress and anxiety out of a night.

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