How To Pick a Waist Trainer

Always Scrolling through Instagram and wondering how these models and influencers got these curves and that perfect body with a flawless shape all year round? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, because you can have a better body in a matter of weeks and we are here to make your body’s middle section look adorable thanks to our Hourglass best waist trainers.

pick the right waist trainer

If you are looking forward to losing those few centimetres at your waist and have that sexier look that will make you more confident in your body and will improve your lifestyle then we believe you already are on the right page! We prepared the following points for you to make your experience with our waist trainers impeccable and to do that, we need to answer a pretty important question

How to pick a waist trainer?

First things first, you need to thoroughly understand the practice of waist training so you can start your experience on the right track and maximise your gains.

Simply put, waist training consists of wearing a cincher which is an extended garment that will cover the area from underneath your bust down to the top of your hips, in other terms, it is a corset or “body shaper”. This accessory will have different sizes fitting different body styles with the main goal of reducing the section on the waist in order to enhance the buttocks and the chest to look fit in your fancy dresses or tight jeans.

The usage of waist trainers differs from person to person based on personal preferences but generally, you should use it daily for long periods of time (around 8 – 10 hours a day) therefore you should know exactly what size suits you and also the material that won’t put you in discomfort.

Choosing the correct size for your waist trainer

For an optimal experience, you should choose the size that best fits your body, you need to make sure it doesn’t squeeze your abdominal region in a way that it disrupts the blood circulation to your inferior members and it is not too loose so that it won’t do the job correctly.

Choosing the size might be complicated but we are always here to make your life easier. We prepared a size chart for waist trainers that will make your corset fit like a glove.

First, you need to measure your waist section with a metered tape, the measurement needs to be taken exactly 4 fingers above your belly button which is the narrowest section of your abdominal region. Don’t make it extremely tight or too loose. Right after that, you need to refer to our guide of waist trainer sizing and choose the size that corresponds to your taken measurement.

It is just as easy as buying a new dress or pant, but if you are not trying it, you should try to optimize your choice by following the aforementioned instructions since your clothes’ size may not reflect the correct size of the waist trainer.

Picking the material that fulfils your needs

The most common three types of material used on waist trainers are: Latex, steel-boned corsets and light compression neoprene trainers, each serves a different purpose.

For latex, it provides tight compression for long times in addition to its durability and versatility, you can wear it to work or for official meetings and parties.

Steel-boned material is the traditional style of waist trainers, this will be firmly pressed against your waist forcing additional pressure across the covered area. It may be uncomfortable for a first-time use.

Our favourite style of waist trainers is the light compression neoprene-made cinchers, which are perfectly adapted to intensive activity or gym workout, you can still get results even if you are doing flexible movements all day long and without struggling with the discomfort of other materials. But the only downturn is that it provides a lighter compression which will need more patience and perseverance to appreciate the results.

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