How To Continue Waist Training While Travelling

If you are just starting out with a new waist training routine, or have been at it for a while now, you should know that one of the most effective strategies to maximize your journey is by keeping consistent.

This means using a waist trainer every day for at least 2 to 12 hours, and for most people, this daily quota may pose as a challenge especially when having to travel around. If you are always on the go, have to fly frequently for work, or are just a travel junkie, we have a quick and easy guide on how to continue waist training while travelling.

Travel Tip #1: Choose the right trainer

For the bulk of your routine, we highly suggest alternating between trainers. This not only extends your garment’s life span, but it is also more hygienic and safe on the skin. On top of that, it helps you utilize a compression band best suited for the occasion, whether you are on usual errands or at work, exercising at the gym, or on a special night out – there is a trainer for every situation.

However, when travelling, this may not be the most practical thing to do considering you want to pack only the essentials.

As a work around, think of the activities you will be taking part in during your travels and which times you are able to slip your routine into. More often that not, an Everyday Latex Trainer is suitable for most occasions. This can be used for working out, for meetings, for when you are flying, and so on.

Any special events happening during your travels? A Classic Corset can help you slip into formal eveningwear or be used as a statement piece. Knowing when and where you can utilize a trainer will help you pack light and pack right.

Travel Tip #2: Plan the right outfits

Aside from picking the right waist trainer for the day, you should also plan the outfits that you will be wearing with the compression band if you want to be sure you are concealing it properly.

Most garments are fairly easy to hide under clothing and it should not be a problem to find something to wear over it (or with it, if using a corset as a statement piece). Some wardrobe essentials we recommend you pack if pairing a waist trainer are:

  • High waisted jeans and/ or skirts.
  • Tops that are not transparent or made of thin material.
  • Darker colored clothing.
  • Active wear, if you plan to squeeze in some workouts.

Travel Top #3: Schedule in a work out

If your travel plans make it a challenge to utilize a compression band during your stay, we suggest setting aside time for a quick work out. It can be in the morning, evening, or a small window of time in the middle of your day.

Workouts do not only mean time at the hotel gym, you can go walking (or jogging) around the neighborhood, strolling by the beach, going on a hike, biking around, and so on. By taking time to do some form of physical activity (and have fun while you are at it), you can take the opportunity to wear a waist trainer as well.

The garments best suited for this are the Everyday Latex Trainer or the Gym Compression Band.

Travel Tip #4: Do not wear a Classic Corset in the airport

If traveling by plane, you will need to go through metal detectors and multiple security checks at the airport. To save you the time and energy, we do not recommend wearing a classic corset in this situation.

A classic corset is embedded with multiple flexible steel bones, which have a high chance of triggering the metal detectors. While there is no law or rules against having one on while flying, it can save you the hassle of having to take it off mid-inspection and strapping it back on before catching a flight.

Similarly, if you are bringing your classic corset in your carry-on or check in luggage, be sure to pack it properly. This means not to bend it or put it under heavy things that could distort the garment.

Travel Tip #5: Keep your garment clean

One of the most important waist training rules to live by is to always utilize clean waist trainers. This helps prevent rashes, irritations, odor, and bacteria build up. When practicing your routine from the comforts of your own city, or home, it is safe to assume you can wash your waist trainer regularly.

However, when travelling, this is not always the case. For long haul travels, we suggest finding time at least every other usage to give it a good wash and hang it to dry overnight. For shorter trips, or rather more hectic ones, wipe down your garment with tissue or cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol after every use.

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