How Long After Injury Can I Start Waist Training?

A waist trainer is designed to safely constrict your abdomen until it adjusts to a narrower form. By consistently practicing this routine with a good diet and regular exercise, many often reap the long-term benefits such as an hourglass figure, better fitting clothes, boosted confidence, improved posture, and much more.

While waist training has its advantages, it also comes with a set of safety precautions everyone should adhere to. Such as after experiencing injury - when is it best to start waist training again?

How Long After Injury Can I Start Waist Training?

Consider the location of the injury

One of the main factors when determining how safe it is to wear a waist trainer is by considering where your injury is located.

If it is in an area that may be affected, whether externally or internally, you should definitely wait it out. This includes the hips, waist, chest, neck, or shoulder area. The neck and shoulders are considered due to its sensitivity to the spinal area.

However, if your injury is located on your thighs down to your feet, it should be safe enough to continue waist training, but it is still best to consult a medical professional before proceeding.

Consider the gravity of the injury

Another important factor to assess how long you need to keep off the compression band is just how severe the injury is.

For extreme cases, we recommend waiting at least 6 months before trying on a waist trainer again. This allows your body to rest, heal, and build up your immune system to cater to such a physically demanding activity.

For moderate cases, consider waiting at least 3 months or when the wound fully heals before putting on a compression band.

For mild cases, at least a period of a month and half may be suitable before waist training again.

Important reminders

No matter how mild or healed your injury may be, always remember not to expose it to too much compression right off that bat. When just starting out again, keep it on a loose setting until you and your doctor are confident enough to proceed with your normal routine. Also remeber to limit the amount of time waist training

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