Hourglass Waist Trainer Success Story #1

Hey everyone, Hannah here from the Hourglass corset Waist team to go over a recent success story one of our hourglass girls sent in. This is going to be a regular series in which we would put the spotlight on girls who have purchased and tried the hourglass waist trainer, our first girl is sally! check out the interview below and read her first-hand account.

First a little info on Sally: she is 20 years old living in Sydney, Surry hills Australia with both her mum, dad and little brother. Sally first approached Hourglass Waist to find a waist trainer to help burn tummy fat and develop a more hourglass look, she was exercising 5 times a week and a very conscious eater. With the Gym Waist Trainer Sally was ready to partake on her waist training journey.

3 months later here are her results.

Waist Trainer Success

Hey Sally, how are you?

Really good thanks!

Great to hear, so let's jump into it. How did you first find the Gym waist trainer?

Well at first I was a little intimidated, I honestly thought my body shape wasn't really designed for a waist trainer, (I am a skinny, slight frame) as soon as I tried it on it was extremely comfortable, the material was super soft and just felt great.

That's awesome to hear! how often are you using your waist trainer?

So when I started I would wear my waist trainer for just 30 mins of my workout, to be honest at first it did feel a bit tight but I simply just rearranged the tightness of the two main straps and I found it much more comfortable. 

Ahh yes, that's the beauty of those straps. Okay, so what about the results, it has been 3 months, right?

Yep, 3 months of using my waist trainer 5 times a week for 2hour a day. The results have been amazing!  It's not just the superficial look that I was after, I actually have lower back pain as well as some anxiety issue, by using the waist trainer I have seen a decent change in both of those areas. 

That so great to hear Sally! A lot of people think waist training is for the look but it actually has some amazing psychological effects.

Oh yeah definitely, I just feel more confident since using the waist trainer, It might all be in my head but I walk a little taller with it on. My lower back pain was also a big issue for me but since using the hourglass waist trainer I have got a lot of mobility back. 

What the plan from here Sally, goals for 2021?

Well, this year has been very strange, but I have stayed committed to exercising and eating the right foods. Really I am just gonna keep going forward, after the results I have seen in 3 months I can't imagine what ill see in another 6 months. 

Awsome Sally, thanks for taking the time with us today, really hope this year is a special one for you!

Thank you Hannah! 

If you have a success story you would like to share with us then please email Hannah at hannah@hourglasswaist.com.au. She will be in contact to organise a time to have a chat. 

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