Do You Wear A Bra With A Waist Trainer?

Your modern day waist trainer comes in many shapes, materials, colors, and styles. With the help of technology and the rising demand from a variety of people, these garments are now especially made to meet a certain waist training preference and need. Some prefer to wear it over clothing, under clothing, or even in between layers – there are really no hard or fast rules to it, so long as you are comfortable. On top of deciding how to layer your clothes with your waist trainer, some women also have to take into consideration if whether or not they can pair it with a bra. The answer is both yes you can, and no, you do not have to.

Do You Wear A Bra With A Waist Trainer?

The underbust

More often that not, the Hourlgass waist trainer is designed to be worn as an underbust, meaning it will only cover the middle of your torso, down your stomach, and stop at the waist. These are fairly popular because it targets exactly what you need to when “waist training”. Some underbust garments also come with straps in order to help keep them from sliding down, and also to provide better back and bust support.

Do you need to wear a bra with an underbust? Yes, you may opt to wear a bra with an underbust since these do not cover the breasts; they merely help lift them up from underneath. If you prefer, you may also wear nipple tape or nipple pads instead.

The overbust

Other kinds of garments are designed as overbusts, meaning they completely cover the breasts down to the waist. By using these types in your waist training routine, you have the option to make do without a bra underneath since the design already gives ample coverage and lift around your bust line. However, some women still opt to wear one either for added support or extra enhancement.

Does wearing a waist trainer make your breasts bigger?

Many claim to enjoy an enhanced chest when having a waist trainer on – whether or not the design is over or under the bust line. While it may help make your breast look bigger, they do not permanently help them grow in size.

With a waist trainer on, the fats around your waist, stomach, and back will all be rearranged in order to narrow down your waistline. These fats are distributed down to your hips and up to your breasts, creating that sought after hourglass curve. Due to this process, your breasts and hips will be accentuated and appear bigger than they normally are.

Other physical benefits of a corset

Apart from a boost in your chest and hips area, there are other physical advantages to waist training – both instantly and long term!

You will instantly look and feel slimmer. Just by putting one on, a waist trainer can help you reduce between one to three inches off your waist! Think of all the snug dresses and jeans you can easily slip into now.

Long term, you can keep the inches off. With regular waist training, your abdomen will eventually adapt to the constriction and take form. A corset is also a great supplement to your weight loss routine as it can help you perspire much more and eat less!

Your posture will improve. The compression on your torso will physically prevent you from slouching down, which will do wonders for your posture especially when practiced regularly. Did you know that having a healthy posture results in a number of benefits? Find out what they are here.

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