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Are you looking for the waist trainers in Australia? Hourglass Waist provides three different styles to help women across Australia improve there waistline, tummy fat and overall health! The waist trainer was first popularized in Victorian times, since then waist trainers have evolved into essential gym tools for women across the country.

Women all across Australia have fallen in love with the slimming effect waist trainers from Hourglass Waist provide, including the benefit of looking and fitting better in any type of clothing! Whether it's going to the gym for a workout, the office for work or to hide a problem area for your school formal, a waist trainer has amazing effects.


Hourglass Gym Waist Trainer

Are you looking to get the absolute most out of your workouts, were talking really sweaty? If the answer is yes then a gym waist trainer is the perfect gym buddy for you! The Hourglass gym waist trainer will help you decrease belly fat & improve your waistline, its neoprene fabric activates a sauna-like effect when you work out, meaning you will sweat like your sitting in the sauna.

Coming in both black and pink this hot thermal fabric will target and activate your hips and core sections with little to no effort. This makes the gym waist trainer the perfect tool for your workouts, this includes yoga, walking, acupressure, gardening and housework! oh, and did we mention the Hourglass gym waist trainer is perfect for providing lower back support, just another added bonus.

gym waist trainer


Hourglass Latex Waist Trainer

Coming in three different colours, our latex waist trainers are specifically designed to train your abdomen core to help create an hourglass shape, you can even use your latex waist trainer to help sculpt and thin for a special occasion, giving you the ultimate confidence boost. Our latex waist trainers can help you trim three to two inches off your waist and tummy!

Our Hourglass latex waist trainers don't pack the same sauna effect like our gym waist trainers, that's what makes these corsets perfect for everyday use. Whether it's at uni or at work, the latex waist trainer can easily be worn under any clothing, giving you an instant slimmer tummy and a more hourglass shape figure! Plus you are still training your core section to give you a long-lasting slimmer look.

latex waist trainer


Hourglass Classic Waist Trainer

Achieving the desired hourglass figure isn't as difficult as you think, nope, with regular exercise, eating healthy and the use of the class waist trainer from Hourglass Waist you can achieve the figure you have always wanted!

This classic waist trainer is designed with comfortable and breathable materials that make it perfect to wear on the daily. With specially designed front adjustable hooks you can easily hide your waist trainer under any form of clothing, at school, the office, out for drinks,  it doesn't matter, the Hourglass classic waist trainer will help you achieve the hourglass look. Unlike the Late waist trainer and Gym waist trainer, the classic design won't help you burn tummy fat and love handles as quickly, it is designed for instant improvement but won't have long term effects.

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