Low Waist Booty Enhancer Hourglass Waist
Low Waist Booty Enhancer Hourglass Waist
Low Waist Booty Enhancer Hourglass Waist
Low Waist Booty Enhancer

Low Waist Booty Enhancer

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Introducing the Low Waist Booty Enhancer from Hourglass Waist – your secret weapon for a flawless silhouette! Engineered with precision, this 3-in-1 control pant is a versatile shapewear marvel that tackles multiple concerns with finesse.

Firm Control and Smoothing: Our booty enhancer is designed to moderately smooth out bumps and lumps, offering firm control to tighten excess fat effectively. It embraces your waist and flesh, providing a seamless and confident look.

Padded Hip Enhancer: Elevate your curves with our upgraded hip pads, now 1.3cm thick for a fuller, sexier appearance. The 3D hip contour design prevents sagging and flattening, ensuring a lifted and defined silhouette. Plus, the removable pads add convenience to your style.

Lace Edge Leg Elegance: Flaunt slender and tight thighs with the high-elastic, lace-edged legs of our butt lifter. Compressing thigh fat without sacrificing comfort, it stays in place under any attire, whether it's a dress, jeans, or tight clothing.

Quality Material, Ultimate Comfort: Crafted from 87% Polyamide and 13% Spandex, our shaping underwear boasts excellent strength, high elasticity, and wear resistance. The fabric, soft and smooth, molds seamlessly to your skin, delivering a charming hourglass figure.

Revolutionize your wardrobe and embrace confidence with the Low Waist Booty Enhancer – because every curve deserves perfection!


When choosing the perfect size of a waist trainer, it is best to start with a larger size that fits you then train your waist down to smaller ones. Never select a size that you prefer instead of ones that actually fit. There is no point in getting a waist training corset that does not fit at all. If you force yourself wearing a tight hourglass trainer, you might end up causing harm than good. Plus, it would feel very uncomfortable, forcing you to get rid of it instead. It is always best to listen to your body when you are waist training.


Find the top of your hip bone, Find the bottom of your ribs, Place a tape measure in between these two areas and wrap it around your waist. It is best to use a cloth measuring tape as it can move around your body easier and more conveniently compared to a hard measure tool. When measuring your waist, make sure that it is not too loose or too tight.

Size Waist (cm) Centre Front (cm) Centre Back (cm)
S 65-72 32 27
M 72-78 32 27
L 78-84 34 29.5
XL 84-90 34 29.5
XXL 90-96 34 29.5
3XL 96-102 34 29.5
4XL 102-108 34 29.5


In case you do not have a flexible measuring tool available, you can also place a string around your waist. Use the string to wrap around your waist and then mark the string. Then, place the string against the hard measuring tool to know the exact size of your waist.



Selecting and wearing the wrong size waist trainer can cause several issues both short and long term. It is important to do your due diligence and ensure that you have all the correct dimensions before purchasing the hourglass trainer! 

Please note: Hourglass Waist offers a one time size exchange! If your trainer doesnt fit we will ensure to replace it with one that does. 

Purchase the wrong sized trainer you will come across issues such as the following.

Skin Rashes: If your waist trainer is too tight you will risk the potential for skin rashes occurring. Although our material is super soft if it's too tight you will notice chafing and skin irritation within a matter of days.

Trouble breathing: If your trainer is too small you will quickly notice how tight it feels on your ribs! This place immense strain on the lungs and makes breathing beyond difficult. Obviously, this is extremely dangerous and if you are struggling with your breathing pattern take the waist trainer off immediately.

No results: If you purchase an oversized hourglass trainer you won't see any results. The waist trainer needs to tightly fit on your body (not so tight you can't breathe) so that your core, hips and waist are activated and the hourglass shape transformation can occur. When your trainer is to lose your basically achieving nothing in terms of waist trimming.

Always ensure to take the time in finding the correct size, each girls body is different and the right size will truly help you find your natural curve. A loose-fitting or overly tight comes with a number of issues and should always be avoided.

Check out some of our hourglass belts & remeber to check the size chart. 


All waist trainer orders and shapewear orders will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days

  • Shipping time is 7 - 12 business days 


To return your product due to incorrect size, you should email us, and we will provide you with the correct size. 

Please note we have no change-of-mind refunds.

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