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Canberra is the capital city of not just the ACT but the whole of Australia! It's a small city compared to Sydney & Melbourne but dont be fooled, this quiet city is a hub for business and politics. With many tourist attractions and sights to see! Hourglass has been supplying Canberra latex waist trainers since 2016. Noticing a lack of quality shapewear, waist trainer & booty enhancers, Hourglass quickly moved to stock their products within local suburbs. This ensures women across the ACT get their orders within days and not weeks!
Hourglass has quickly established itself with its quality Canberra waist trainer. Stocking a large variety of shapewear, booty enhancers & waist trainers that fit women of all ages and sizes. Hourglass focuses on three main waist trainers which help to develop both short and long-term effects. In the short term, you will notice an instant hourglass shape, smoothing and flattening your hips and tummy. This instant curvy look often gives women a confidence boost, feeling and looking their best! Long-term you can expect to burn away fat in the tummy, hips and core area. Also, the waist trainer will help to realign the spine and help improve posture. Remember it's important to pair your corset with consistent waist training to get maxim results.

Our Delivery Zones

We ship all throughout Canberra: Barton, Black Mountain, Canberra, Ainslie, Dickson, Downer, Hackett, Lyneham, O’connor, Forrest, Manuka, Causeway, Kingston, Braddon, Campbell, Reid, Turner Canberra, Deakin, Duntroon, Parkes, Parliament House, Russell, Yarralumla, Acton

Trainer SIZES

Finding the right size shouldn't be hard! Use a tape measure to discover your waist and hip dimensions and use the size chart below.

Size Waist (cm) Centre Front (cm) Centre Back (cm)
S 65-72 32 27
M 72-78 32 27
L 78-84 34 29.5
XL 84-90 34 29.5
XXL 90-96 34 29.5
3XL 96-102 34 29.5
4XL 102-108 34 29.5


Styles & Colours

Our Waist Trainers

Hourglass provides Canberra with shapewear, waist trainers and booty enhancers for years. We have numerous designs to choose from, with three main corsets for sale to the ladies of the ACT.

Classic waist trainer: Designed to give you an instant hourglass look, this classic trainer can be worn anywhere at any time. Made from breathable material this waist trainer is very comfortable.

Gym waist trainer: Designed to pair with training, this gym waist trainer utilises sauna-like technology that helps burn hip, thigh and tummy fat. Burn even more calories when you work out and get the hourglass look in a matter of weeks.

Latex waist trainer: Made with a durable, breathable latex material, this core trainer can be worn to give you a more curvy look or to help improve your shape over the long term. Comfortable and effective, the latest waist trainer is a must-have for any Canberra women.


Hourglass stocks three main colours in Canberra:

  • Beige
  • Hot pink
  • Black

Hourglass also delivers to other cities across Australia, including:


In conclusion, waist trainers in Canberra are a popular choice for women who are looking for a combination of support and performance in their daily routine. While corsets are a classic option for costume and designing purposes, waist trainers offer a range of benefits including posture improvement and waistline reduction. With a variety of options to choose from, including different designs and cuts, women can select the waist trainer that best fits their needs. When ordering a waist trainer, it is important to take into account cost and collection, as well as how it can fit into your day-to-day life. Overall, waist trainers are a great way to achieve a slimmer waistline and improve your posture, while still being comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.

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Hannah - Manager at Hourglass 

Hannah is a certified personal trainer based in Australia. Since 2017 she has inspired women across the nation through honest & educational content. Her dietary and fitness expertise are trusted across the fitness community.