Hey ladies, it's Hannah from Hourglass best waist trainer! Today we are going over another one of our waist trainer success stories! This as mentioned in our first article (you can find that here) is to shine a light on girls recent success with the hourglass waist trainer. In today's article we are interviewing Liana, check it out below to learn her experiences, pros and cons and if waist training is right for you!

Before we get into the interview here is a little bit of info on Liana, she is 29 years old from Perth but currently living on the gold coast. She recently gave birth to her first child, a beautiful girl names Zara! Liana reached out to Hourglass Waist as she was looking for a way to help bring back her original shape before birth, we recommended her to our gym waist trainer and after 3 months checked in to see her results.

3 months later 

Hey Liana, how are you and Zara going!

Hey Hanna, both me and Zara are doing great thank you!

Amazing, so last time we talked I think Zara was only 3 months old and you were looking to get back into regular exercise and waist training correct?

Yep, I think at that time my body had fully recovered and mentally I was ready to get back into things, especially since Zara had really started to find her sleeping pattern.

Ah yes, I remember there were some issues with Zaras sleeping pattern, things have gotten better?

hah yeah, a lot better thank god, since then she has been nothing but an angel!

That's fantastic to hear Liana! so I am curious to see how the last 3 months have been since back at training with our waist trainer?

Going really well Hannah did have a minor setback the first week as I sprained my ankle but it only kept me out of action for a few days. Since then I have been back at the gym 3 times a week and with the waist trainer I have definitely gotten that post-baby body back, so you could say I am very happy!

Amazing Liana, is there anything about the gym waist trainer that has really stood out to you?

Hmm, it would have to be the comfort, at first I thought it would kinda hurt for some reason but honestly, it feels like your wearing nothing! the material is super soft and I like the touch, well except when I am at the gym, get very sweaty! But I guess that means it's working haha.

Hah, it can very sweaty! but it's all sweat equity if you ask me!

Very much so!

Well thank you for your time Liana, hope you and Zara have an amazing 2021, please keep in touch with your results and how is Zara is going! it's safe to say the team here have fallen in love with her!

Thank you, Hannah!


If you have a success story you would like to share with us then please email Hannah at hannah@hourglasswaist.com.au. She will be in contact to organise a time to have a chat.

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