Survey Says: Personal Trainers Speak Out About Ozempic

The Hourglass Waist team surveyed 100 certified personal trainers to get their thoughts and opinions on Ozempic. The results produced some interesting statistics, including:

  • 98% of personal trainers have heard of the jab, but 0% find it to be extremely effective.
  • 31% found the Ozempic to be very safe, while 33% believed it to be not safe.
  • 66% had recommended the Ozempicto at least one client.
  • 51% have experienced mild side effects for clients, while 49% are unknown.


    Have you heard of the Ozempic trend?

    • Yes - 98%
    • No - 2% 

    How effective do you think the Ozempic trend is for weight loss?

    • Not effective - 3%
    • Slightly effective - 2%
    • Moderately effective - 35%
    • Very effective - 60%
    • Extremely effective - 0%

    How safe do you think the Ozempic trend is?

    • Not safe - 33% 
    • Slightly safe - 7% 
    • Moderately safe - 29% 
    • Very safe - 31%
    • Extremely safe - 0%

    Have you recommended the Ozempic to any of your clients/patients?

    • Yes - 66%
    • No - 34% 

    What kind of results has clients/patients reported experiencing in regard to Ozempic?

    • Significant weight loss - 29%
    • Mild weight loss - 68%
    • No weight loss - 0%
    • Weight gain - 0%
    • Unknown - 3%

    What kind of side effects have clients/patients reported experiencing in regards to the Ozempic?

    • No side effects - 0% 
    • Mild side effects - 51%
    • Severe side effects - 0%
    • Mixed (both mild and severe) side effects - 0%
    • Unknown - 49%

    What additional recommendations do you have for individuals considering the Ozempic?

    • Eat a balanced diet -  36%
    • Exercise regularly - 24%
    • Consult with a healthcare professional before trying the jab - 21%
    • Wait for more research to be conducted on the jab  - 19%

    Some comments regarding the Ozempic trend from Personal Trainers: 

    Denis S -  Despite the Ozempic providing some exciting results its important to remember that Only you can change your life, no one can do it for you!

    Priscilla J - Even though I have been asked by many clients to try this, I only went for it with a client that is obese and has an autoimmune disease. We are working together with his doctor as well as continuing with an exercise routine of 5 days per week and good nutrition. 

    Katie T - The Ozempic can be a helpful tool for individuals who have struggled to lose weight through traditional methods. It can help curb appetite and increase metabolism, making it easier for people to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine

    Giulia R - I would not recommend this to clients for weight loss as it does not promote overall health and rather promotes a short term quick fix to the problem. 

    Hannah S - I am wary of the Ozempic as a solution for sustainable weight loss. It may provide quick results, but it does not address the underlying habits and behaviors that contribute to weight gain. In the long run, individuals may be better off focusing on making lifestyle changes rather than relying on a quick fix.