How to Feel Comfortable In Shapewear


Key Takeaways:

  • Shapewear is constricting, but should not hurt or feel uncomfortable
  • Getting the right fit and style for your body is the best way to feel comfortable
  • Comfort does not happen overnight. You must be patient and proceed at your own pace.
  • Latex waist trainers and Gym waist trainers are excellent types of shapewear for beginners.

Shapewear & waist trainers are an umbrella term that could mean any type of compression band. These have a broad range of styles, colors, compression levels, materials, and features in order to cater to varying markets. Some may prefer to utilize them at work, special events, to the gym, or even for casual wear while running errands.

For most individuals that are still starting out with shapewear, it may require a little adjustment period. Naturally, not everyone will feel comfortable with constriction around his or her body. However, with time and proper safety protocols in place, the discomfort should start to fade out.

Below, we discuss the top 3 ways you can feel more comfortable in shapewear.

#1 Get The Right Fit

The most important step before starting a waist training or shapewear routine is to get a garment that fits right. Depending the style of shapewear you require, there may be two to three measurements to consider. These are the bust, the waist, and the hips.

Once you have your size, read the size charts carefully – or better yet, test it out yourself. Getting a garment that is too snug can cause pain, discomfort, limited movement, and can also increase the likelihood of you ending your waist training our shapewear routine early.

Similarly, getting one too big will defeat the purpose of investing in shapewear in the first place.

#2 Choose The Right Style

Shapewear comes in many shapes and forms to cater to varying needs. Some may offer much more coverage than others, which is perfect for those who need a more thorough compression all around.

This is an important factor to consider when choosing one that is right for you as some shapewear may end up being too short or too long for your body type.

Moreover, shapewear can have different locking mechanisms such as Velcro, hook and eye, zippers, laces, and so on. Choosing one that you feel most comfortable with, and is can also offer you the most support is best.

#3 Give It Time

Give yourself and your body some time to adjust. It is not expected to be easy breezy right off the bat, which is why we highly suggest giving yourself a few days before wearing it to a special event.

This is very important when it comes to a corset waist trainer as these have flexible bones embedded within that needs to slowly mold to your form before going all out with the waist training routine.

Garments We Recommend For A Waist Training Routine

Waist trainers are some of the most popular types of shapewear. If you are looking into a waist training routine in order to get instant and long-lasting results, check out of recommended garments below:

Classic corset

Gym compression band

Latex Waist Trainer


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