Wholesale Waist Trainer

Looking for a Waist Trainer wholesale?

In the modern age, the waist trainer has taken the world and women in it by storm by helping thousands of women to shape their curves into an hourglass figure, while also burning away tummy fat! Hourglass Waist is Australis number one provider of quality waist trainers in wholesale, allowing women of all sizes the chance to develop their curve and confidence.

How Do You Use a Waist Trainer
Thinking how the hell do you use a Waist Trainer? It's super easy and the team at Hourglass Waist are here to walk you through it. First, make sure you get the right size, you can get help with that here. Once you have the right size waist trainer you just simply wrap it your waist and do up the zip, next you wrap around the two straps across the tummy area, remember these are adjustable and can be loosened or tightened.

Ideal the best time to use your waist trainer is when exercising, this allows the sweat technology to activate and create a sauna effect around the stomach and waist area. This is what ultimately helps you burn tummy fat and carve out your hip section giving you that hourglass look! Waist trainers can also be used to automatically extenuate your figure and flatten out your tummy, these are basic everyday waist trainers that can be worn at uni, in the office or a night out with the girls.  For first-timers of waist training its best to spend a max 2hours for the first week, over time you can build it up to up to 8 hours per day! Remember to always listen to your body and act accordingly.

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Where to Get Wholesale Waist Trainers in Australia?
If you want to stock Hourlgass Waist trainers in your store or online site then you need to speak with the team at Hourglass Waist! We stock the highest quality waist trainers as well as other shapewear products. We have 3 different style of waist trainers available for wholesale, these are the gym waist trainer, Latex version and the everyday basic waist trainer. At Hourglass Waist we believe in enhancing women's natural figure but even more so enhancing natural confidence, every girl deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin! We are always looking for companies and induvial who share similar views and want to help achieve this goal via wholesale distribution of our waist trainers.

Our Waist Trainers in 3 designs
At Hourglass Waist we currently stock 3 styles of waist trainer, currently we are only offering the Gym Waist Trainer Pro for wholesale. The Gym Waist Trainer is perfect gym buddy to help burn fat with its sauna effect technology.

Currently our Gym Waist Trainer sells for $79.99 per unit, with our wholesale program we offer a discount rate of $49.99 for a minim of 10 units.

We stock multiple sizes from S to XXXL, please note that we only offer 5 units per size order.

So if you order 10 units you can get 2 different sizes (5 units each)

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If you are interested in wholesale waist trainers in Australia please email us at hourglasswaistcontact@gmail.com and one of our team members will help you.